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Tosanoides Global Managed IT Services
"ITSM delivery is all about helping people and that’s why it’s important to keep the human touch intact.”



The IT services market is at a real point of change with cloud based solutions, as-a-service solutions, utility based pricing, change in barriers to finance and companies requiring multi-national resourcing and networking solutions.
Big organizations are asking "can we move quick enough to adapt to these changes?”.
That's where we can help because we are an agile organization that can react quickly.


We can manage your whole procurement process:

  • Acquisition – Researching, sourcing and buying assets.

  • Deployment – Configuring, tagging and installing your equipment.

  • Management– Online tracking, reporting and inventory of assets.

  • Reverse logistics & recovery – Redeploying, recovering and disposing of assets.

  • Financing services – Helping you reduce your upfront.

  • Staging – Making sure your tech works before it arrives.


How we do it?

  • Global supply chain capability from procurement to reverse logistics – We've got a global team of experts who can deal with every curveball you can throw at them.

  • Long-standing relationships with some of the world’s leading IT vendors – Gained after years of successful projects. We're trusted to meet everyone's commercial objectives.

  • 60 logistics centers around the world – So we can get to you no matter where you are. Fast.

  • Reverse logistics & recovery – Redeploying, recovering and disposing of assets.

  • A comprehensive understanding of global asset and service delivery – Solving financial, procurement, vendor, compliance, logistics and end-user constraints. We get this job done, hassle-free.


How our managed infrastructure services can help:

  • Managed IP-based Infrastructure Services – Monitoring and management.

  • Equipment-as-a-Service (EAAS) – IT hardware, delivered end to end, wrapped in a service.

  • Managed Service Desk Service – Fully resourced and managed from level 1 up.

Our processes, people and tools cover all bases on technical delivery:

  • Cloud and datacentre.

  • Communications and collaboration.

  • Network and delivery.

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We'll manage your people:

  • Find people with specific skills – Rapidly scale up your workforce when you need to without the HR overheads.

  • Find people for specific functions – Hand over specific business processes and the teams that support them. We'll take on the responsibility - and risk - of managing your IT resources.

  • Find people for specific projects – For big IT projects, it's best to bring a full team of focused people, for the life of the project.

  • Find pricing that suits you – We offer flexible pricing models based on your desired outcome and timescale, giving you assurance the job gets done on time and on budget.


How we do it:

  • Over a decade of experience supporting global enterprises – Providing world-class talent, from a global network of talented, qualified and motivated professionals.

  • We love a result – The value's in the outcome, so we focus on that as much as providing you the right people. Whether it's delivering work packages, service levels, risk sharing or commercial savings, we'll commit.

  • Changing the wheels whilst the car’s running – Our transition managers excel at setting up complex services without impacting customers' operations.

  • Flex up, flex down – Business isn't linear, so we're not either. We'll flex with your business. We're in it together.

  • The skills you need, where and when you need them – Our global recruitment teams are the best in the business.


Digital transformation will increase productivity while lowering operational costs:

SD-WAN – We can design, cost, test, ship, install, maintain and manage SD-WAN solutions, reducing the cost and complexity of global networks.

Financial modelling – We will help you create future-facing and growth-minded financial models.

EaaS – Remove high upfront costs and depreciating assest from your Capex with our Equipment-as-a-Service service.


How we do it:

  • Plan A, B, C and D – Our dedicated teams do world-wide IT technology, resource and and service transformations. They initiate, plan, execute, transform, migrate, escalate, monitor, communicate and improve, 24 x 7.

  • No finance. No romance – Without the right financial model, transformation won't get off the ground. We craft innovative commercial solutions so you can realize your goals.

  • Managing the many parts – Global logistics, Global vendor procurement. Global deployment. Contractual obligations. Some people will tell you it's complicated. We never would. It's our main job to make it simple.

  • Scheduled. Committed – We don't dodge our commitments. In fact we thrive on keeping them. We'll bake our delivery commitments into your commercial model.


With our unrivaled support solutions, we've got your back:

- Global Operations Customer Centre (GOCC)

- Incident Management & Resolution

- Replacement Hardware Logistics

- End of Life hardware support

- Asset Management (inc. Recovery, Disposal & Returns)

- Global On-Site Field Engineering

- Remote Engineering Support

- Vendor Software Support & Technical Support Management

- Client Service Management team

How we do it:

Years of worldly experience – Supporting hundreds of the biggest companies in the world, covering over a hundred countries and millions of end devices.

Seamless on-site capability – Expert field engineers know-how, tailored to your way of working. Available in 180 countries.

Global logistics – Multiple logistics hubs, 130 spare depots with tens of thousands of spares and growing. Replacement parts are never too far away.

Service levels promised. And kept – It's often said, "if you're not measuring it, you're not managing it". We're obsessive about setting targets, measuring, reporting, reviewing and continuously improving.



The network has to be more intelligent and secure than ever before:

End to end intelligent networking – wired to wireless, VPNs to remote access, SD-WAN to LAN.

Networked security – Threat detection, firewalls and active management.

Workforce mobility – BYOD, mobile management, end point security, privacy and authentication.

Web, voice and video collaboration tools

Data Centre Consolidation, Virtualization & Transformation

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

How we do it:

We've been in this business for twenty years – We understand how IT has transformed business, historically. We can help you transform your business ready for the future.

We've got the inside scoop – We supply IT and resourcing solutions for the world's biggest companies; we're in the engine room, viewing the impact of digital transformation in real time.

We've got the expertise – Our engineers and architects are some of the most experienced on the planet.

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